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NHA KY THUAT Reunion 2000-2001

 The Organizer (Tha`nh la^.p ban to^? chu+'c)

 Please e-mail or phone to Mr. Hoa Pham and registered your name


 Place and time (Nga`y gio+` va` dia. ddie^?m)

 Orange County or suggested location in the United States


 The Program (Chu+o+ng tri`nh to^? Chu+'c)

 Main program at the Local Restaurant

 Additional program for all members and family gathering, please input your suggestion


This reunion will be organized base on Project basic, the final day of reunion will be report all activities and balance of financial . The Reunion Organizer Board of Directors will be dissolved and the New Committee will be selected on the next meeting.


Ban to^? Chu+'c cho nga`y ho^.i ngo^. Tha`nh la^.p tre^n ca(n ba?n cho mo^.t la^`n ho^. Ngo^., trong nga`y cuo^'i cu?a cuo^.c ho^. Ngo^. . Ban to^? Chu+'c se~ phu'c tri`nh mo.i co^ng ta'c dda~ thu+.c hie^.n cu~ng nhu+ ba'o ca'o ta`i cha'nh, va` se~ gia~i ta'n ngay sau khi Ho^.i ngo^. Be^' ma.c. Mo^.t ban to^? Chu+'c mo+'i se~ ddu+o+.c tha`nh la^.p trong nhu+~ng cuo^.c ho.p ke^' tie^'p .