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Chao ban
   Toi la Ngo ngoc Thanh thuoc doan 71. Toi cho mot thoi gian kha lau 
thi moi thay website of Nha Ky Thuat do la dieu dang mung, dieu dang 
buon la website is so primitive. 
   That su toi co y kien la neu co nguoi phu trach bai vo chuyen doi 
binh nghiep thuoc NKT update monthly thi website co phan linh hoat 
hon. Con can cu huan luyen Long Thanh cung cho vao website luon. Toi 
o Massachussett co anh Tuc truoc kia la Dai uy huan luyen vien Long 
Thanh, mot vai anh em Chien Doan co the toi se lien lac sau. Neu co 
danh sach cua cac ban trong So Cong Tac hoac cac so khac thi cho 
email address de lien lac voi nhau.
   Toi xin dung noi day va hy vong se lien lac nhieu voi ban sau. 
Chuc ban nhieu may man. 

Toi thuoc khoa 8/72 Thu Duc van con Chuan uy vi bi giam lon, ten
ban cung khoa Nguyen Toan la thieu uy o Minesota da mat lien lac voi 
  Toi co gap anh em chien doan tinh co khi vao tiem pho an do anh CD open
new restaurant; Khi nao toi tro lai tiem pho toi se hoi so phone co gi se
lien lac sau. Vung Boston toi con nghe co nhung nguoi nhay ra bac va viet
sach title The'p Den. nhung rat tiec la khong gap duoc.
  Con anh thuoc doan 72 o Tien Sa, co le minh da gap mat luc truoc roi nghe
ten co ve quen. Luc truoc anh khoa may and rank ? Toi co nhan email cua anh
co gi se lien lac voi anh sau.
                                                 Than chao.


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From: "Hoa Pham" <>
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Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 2000 12:59 PM
Subject: Re: Thanh ( Doan 71)

> Co phai Thieu uy thanh khoa 9/72 Thu duc khong?

Hello my comrades,

Congratulation; It's very beautiful and rich in details. Hope it will
grow in size and info.
I left VietNam from Phu Xuan, Nha Be on the night of 29Apr, 1975 by 3
LCM from Nha Ky Thuat BTTM/QLVNCH. The trip was horrible with too many
mishap and suffered. We were on the "Xa Lan Sa^." before ending up in
the 7th Fleet. Anyone outhere still have any picture or info about 
please post it up so all of us can share. Thanks,

Best Wishes to your good work.
Ngo Chi Thieng



Xin dai dien gia dinh cua Co Dai Ta Ngo The Linh,

chau xin goi loi chia buon voi gia dinh cua chu Kham.

Xin Thien Chua dua linh hon Giuse Hoang Cong Kham va linh

hon Giuse Ngo The Linh ve yen nghi muon doi tren nuoc Chua.


Em se nhac nho anh em trong gia dinh cau nguyen cho nguoi.


To Quoc Tri An Dai Uy Hoang Cong Kham.


Ngo Xuan Hung